Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Around Town

So yesterday Clint and i decided to go for a run. It wasn't going to be far but we set out around 3 while the sun was still up and it was around 30 degrees so it wasn't too cold. We headed out towards the nature park and made our loop around it. Rather than heading back to the apartment for a 4 mile loop we headed east and went up the east side of campus and headed uphill. The hill was 1.2 miles long and i really liked the feel of going uphill in my Vibrams. I wad wearing my Komodo Sports today with the Injinji socks and they felt great! After making it up to the top of the hill we had one more small hill before the mile downhill to the apartment. This was also my first time going any real distance down hill in my VFFs. At first it was hard to not land on my heel but then i pulled my feet under me and quickened my stride and i found myself once again landing on the middle of my foot. It was a great run and i am looking forward to another one in the near future. Next goal, 9 miles.

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