Thursday, February 2, 2012


Okay so here i am yet again and it has been some time now, i have slacked not only in posting but also in running. I have only run a few times since my last post... i guess i have let school and stress once again get the best of me. But... (there is always a "but" don't worry though, this is a good one!) So here's the deal. As many of you know i have been planning on going into dentistry for the past 5 years or so and i have planned accordingly. Well things change... i have been thinking about other options for a few weeks now, because the thought of being in an office all day just didn't sound appealing to me. I think the major things that were drawing me to dentistry were the money and work schedule. I have decided that those two factors don't really mean a whole lot if i wake up dreading to go to work every day. I have heard my whole life that i need to find something i love as a career, but i had myself convinced that i "loved" dentistry. I have thought about it a lot now and decided that i need to do something with exercise and sports. I am not sure exactly what i want to do with it but i am working on that. I feel great about the new direction i'm taking and looking forward to the future! I did finally get my new shoes and i love them! They were a little stiff and uncomfortable at first (probably due to the extra 4mm midsole and leather upper) but they are breaking in nicely. In fact, i have worn them to school every day since i got them just to break them in really nice before i hit the pavement and snow for a long run. Some people may think i am odd wearing "gorilla shoes" to school, but i am done caring what people think about me.
As for snowboarding, i went both friday and saturday last week and it was a blast, friday was sunny and the snow was great. Jared and i still went to the beginner class to try and get the basics down really well, but the instructor told us to come back later to go to the intermediate class. We tried to make the class but missed it, so we just boarded on our own the rest of the day. Saturday David and i went back up and it was cloud and cold but at least it wasn't foggy. I actually compiled a little video with the GoPro but i still have a lot to learn with boarding and video editing. Well i am in my Anatomy class right now so i should probably pay attention. Hopefully i'll be back soon for more updates.

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