Thursday, February 9, 2012

When Ya Gotta Go...

     So once again i am sitting in my anatomy class as he reviews our test from last week, he made a mistake on the key, so i actually got an 87 on the multiple choice rather than 85 so that was a little good news. Anyway back on topic... last night i went to the gym around 6:00 and lifted for 45 min or so and it was a really good workout. After i got back and showered i still felt like i could do more but decided i should eat instead, so Clint made some pasta and that held me over pretty good.
     So the reason that i felt like i needed to go for a run was because i had a lot on my mind. I have been thinking a lot about what i need to do with my life. I am still pretty sure that i want to go into sports medecine because that is something that i know i would love. Another though that has come into my mind is if BYU-I is the school i need to be at right now. I know that i was supposed to come here for a reason and i think that reason is coming to a close at the end of this semester. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason in this life and this was no exception. I believe that i am fulfilling that reason as we speak. The past few days i have considered the idea of transferring to California State University Stanislaus and possibly join their cross country team. Although that may not happen, it would be a good perk of going to school there. So i plan on calling them in the next few days to see if there is a late transfer fee or something like that because i missed the deadline by a week.
     With all of this on my mind i decided a good way to think about it would to be going for a run. I put on my Under Armour thermals, sweats, beanie, gloves and a wind breaker and headed out. I had my headphones in but after the 1st minute or so, the jack got pumped and it stopped playing music. They are noise canceling so i figured i would leave them in and just listen to my feet glide over the pavement. Glide... that is an interesting word i finally feel appropriate to describe my contact with the ground. The first time i went for a run with my headphones in with no music, i could almost feel my feet pounding the ground in my ears. This time around it was different, my feet were not slapping the ground but gently grazing it as they propelled me forward. It was exhilarating. Although it was not a very long run and i didn't run very fast, i only did 2.8 miles in 22 minutes but it was a great way to clear my head. This is where i am at in my life right now and hopefully I will have more updates in the near future.

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