Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm Back!!

     Okay so i know i just wrote a little earlier today while i was in Anatomy but i just got back from a run! As i finished up a review session for Anatomy, i was walking to my algebra class and realized it was mid 30's and sunny. Sitting through algebra i was going crazy looking out the window, i had that crazy urge to go for a quick run and i couldn't shake it. Luckily my professor let us out a little early and i rushed home and got ready. Lacing up my new Trek LS VFFs i knew today would be a good test for them. By the time i made it outside it was under 30 but it still felt pretty good. I put on some Three Days Grace and headed out. I was only planning on running 2 maybe 3 miles because i am going boarding tomorrow and didn't want sore calves.
     About the first mile, my body was warmed up and my legs felt springy, it was great. It was at that point when i knew this wasn't going to be just a 3 mile run, i was smiling and loving every minute of it. I am sure that every person that drove by me thought i was a lunatic but once again i stopped caring what others think. I would come across sections of road with patches of snow/ice and puddles, instead of dreading them, i treated them like a game bounding from point to point to avoid the puddles. At times i would find myself kind of spinning in circles by running backwards for a few steps then forward and backwards and so on... this is why i love running.
     All said and done i think it came up just short of 6 miles. By the time i finished, what used to be the puddles i avoided were then found with a thin layer of ice over them. It was a good run today and a great reminder of why i am doing this all.

Trek LS (Black) Komodo Sport LS (Green) Funny Feet  (White) 

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